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Seamonkeys Dive Shack


Conveniently located at the Hampton Inn and Suites at Mile Marker 80 in Islamorada, and home of Islamorada's Best "Six Pac" Dive Boat. Seamonkey's O2 Deep is a 27 ft. May Craft custom dive boat with all safety equipment.

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Our Dive Boat
Why Choose Seamonkey's Six Pac Dive Boat...
Dive BoatBecause we take only six passengers, we can adhere to a schedule yet be flexible enough to accommodate yours! That's why "six pac" diving is your ticket to freedom in Islamorada. If you're tired of the cattle boat syndrome when on vacation, just give us a call to reserve a space on our 27-foot, May Craft, custom dive boat.
She is equipped with twin 200 horse power engines, making her the fastest dive boat in the Upper Keys. For those who are sensitive to the sun, a hard top covers a large portion of the deck to protect you from the sun's rays. O2 DEEP has GPS, oxygen, life vests and all safety equipment to ensure a safe, comfortable dive.

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Alligator Reef


Now marked by a 136-foot tall lighthouse, on this spot in 1822 the USS Alligator grounded and sank while protecting a convoy from pirates.

Now all that remains of the wreck are the twin piles of ballast stones, but the coral reef in just 25 feet of water is vibrant and alive.

As with most dive sites in the area, the depth will vary depending on where on the reef we tie up.

You can count on tons of marine life which are very tame due to its marine sanctuary status.

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