Sea Monkey’s Favorite Diving And Snorkeling Spots

Sea Monkey’s Great Location At Mile Marker 80.5 in Islamorada enables us to dive Alligator Reef North to Conch Reef with many spots in between. We have dozens of dive and snorkel sites for all experience levels. And remember, our boat can get you there in no time! Voted Best 6 Pack Dive Boat

Alligator Reef

Now marked by a 136-foot tall lighthouse, on this spot in 1822 the USS Alligator grounded and sank while protecting a convoy from pirates. Now all that remains of the wreck are the twin piles of ballast stones, but the coral reef in just 25 feet of water is vibrant and alive. As with most dive sites in the area, the depth will vary depending on where on the reef we tie up. You can count on tons of marine life which are very tame due to its marine sanctuary status.


A well-named site with lots of tropicals, eels and usually a sea turtle.

Brick Barge

Lying in about 25-30 feet of water on the north side of Hen and Chickens Reef, this old iron ship is a haven for marine life and is a really nice novice or photographers dive site.

Cheeca Rocks

Located one mile directly off Upper Matecumbe, this site is great for novice divers, snorkelers and those wanting some incredible underwater photo opps.

Conch Reef & Wall

Offering an exciting change of pace from the normal spur-and-groove profiles of most Keys’ reefs, Conch Wall presents a precipitous sloping wall and captivating concentrations of barrel sponge and gorgonia punctuating the seafloor. You can dive between 40 – 100 ft. Keep an eye out for one of the big boys coming in from deeper water.

Crocker Drop-Off

A 450+ foot-long wall in 50 feet of water. The wall has a thirty foot decline and features turtles, rays, grunts, yellow tail and grouper with spur-and-groove coral and black coral on the wall.

Crocker Reef

Crocker Reef is a nice, shallow spur and groove formation patch reef. Makes a good 2nd dive.

Davis Reef

Dive with the Budda! The under water statue is one of the more popular photo spots on the reef. This Sanctuary Preservation Area site is perfect for the novice diver or those just beginning night dives.

The Donut (Doughnut)

This 5’ to 25’ deep, 100 yard diameter reef is shaped like a doughnut and is easy to navigate due to its circular shape. Beautiful coral formations are in this reef.

The Eagle Wreck

For the deep/wreck divers, (75-115’) we are fortunate to have one of the best wreck dives in the Florida Keys within five miles of the Seamonkey’s dive shack. The wreck of The Eagle, a 287 foot freighter lies in 110 feet of water and is, without a doubt, the number one wreck. She is full of old growth and home to Goliath groupers, schools of fish, turtles and everything in between. She is a must for wreck divers!

El Capitan

Located 6 miles east-southeast of Windley Key, in 20 feet of water, this galleon was another of the 22 ships lost in a hurricane in 1733. Nice shallow dive site and/or also good for snorkeling.

Hens & Chickens

A shallow natural patch reef with spectacular corals. Hens & Chickens is a shallow dive/snorkel site with lots of ledges and lots to see.